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So, if you would like to be a part of the tourist programme at the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital aka ADFH, you are welcome. This program can be an integral part of your well planned out itinerary of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is well known for being a premier organization on avian research and medicine and for treating some 11,000 birds every year at their Avant Garde hospital.

It also manages the animal shelter that is the home of multitude of animals, every year. So, why wait? Once you are in Abu Dhabi, be a part of the programme and see for yourself what ADFH has in store for you. You would learn a lot about the falcon, the national bird of the Emirates, about the history of falconry down the ages and also visit the aviary or learn how to hold a falcon. This is afamily friendly place, so you can enjoy with friends and family here.

Falcon Hospital History & Progress 

The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital had started its journey in 2007 with a mission to provide all sorts of veterinary health care to the falcons. In the same year, they also opened the opportunity to visitors, thus offering them an insight into the falcon world and to let them learn a lot about the tradition of falcons and falconry. Abu Dhabi, a city that beckons host of tourists every year also brought visitors to the hospital to turn it into a favourable tourist spot. Visitors started receiving guided tours to look at the falcons, interact with them and learn how they received medical care and also how they are taken care of meticulously. The falcons undergo pedicure and also change of feathers at the hospital. In 2007, a tourism program was also set up which has become a major tourist attraction over the years.

Things to do at the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

1. The Educational Tour

  • At the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, you may take part in the various tour programs.
  • First, the educational tour initiates the tourists to the world of this coveted and the most prestigious bird at the Emirates, the falcon.
  • You learn about the extensive medical services they receive here.
  • A tour of the hospital facilities, the rooms for treatment and the aviary introducing the free flight are all inclusive of the tour package.
  • The guide shares insights on falcon care, art of falconry and the role of falcons in the heritage of the country.
  • The tourists get to have a close look at the birds.
  • They learn about the various conservation procedures.

2. Falcon World Tour

  • This tour delves even deeper in the falcon world.
  • They visit the special sections of the hospital, the passage way of the falcons.
  • They learn about the care, training and also watch a falcon release.
  • They can watch the training methods and their bond with the handlers.

4. Private Falconry Experience

  • This is a personalized encounter with the world of the falcons at the hospital.
  • Guests can learn about the handling and the care here.
  • Here the visitor gets to behave like the handler and take a falcon in their hands and let them perch on it.
  • It sets up a moment of togetherness and personal interaction and understanding.

5. Hospital Tour

  • This is a pet care tour because the Falcon Hospital is not only about the falcons but also about other pets.
  • This place is a veterinary hospital for all pets.
  • Visitors can get an idea about the pet boarding, grooming, exclusive pet hotel rooms and so on.
  • The tour helps the tourists to learn about the essentials of pet care, about the advanced opportunities of pet care at the hospital.
  • Both professionals in the field and also pet enthusiasts are benefited from the tour.

6. Falconry Course for Juniors

  • This junior falconry course is an interactive educational session for the children to introduce them to the world of falconry.
  • This course will educate the children in terms of conservation, biology, cultural significance of the bird, falcon.
  • Interactive demonstration helps them look at the falcons closely.
  • They learn to appreciate and take more interest in the conservation of this avian species.

7. Falcon Photography

  • This tour will help photography enthusiasts to enhance their portfolios to take photos of these regal birds in great surroundings.
  • The birds are photographed with their excellent plumage in different styles.
  • The experienced handlers are there to help photographers during the sessions.
  • This is a thrilling session where photographers get very close to these majestic birds and capture great photos.

8. Shopping for souvenirs

  • You may purchase souvenirs from the souvenir shop that presents a lot of unique gifts to carry home.
  • You can buy hoods, gloves and also a wide range of art objects representing falcons.
  • You may also buy falcon literature.
  • The shop helps support the conservation of the hospital.

9. The Hospital Laboratory Tour

  • This tour throws an insight on the diagnostic and scientific work that goes on to preserve the birds’ health.
  • They can go on an educational journey about the laboratory.
  • Advanced technology is used for x rays, blood tests, endoscopy and so on.
  • A look through on the various research that is going on for falcons and other avian species.

10. At the Falcon Hospital Lounge

  • Visitors can sit and reminisce the day’s experience at the hospital in this comfortable and luxurious lounge at the hospital.
  • Snacks and refreshments are available.
  • The atmosphere is calm and serene which makes it a perfect curtain drawer to an insightful day at the hospital.


The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is located near the Abu Dhabi International Airport, on Sweihan Road, Al Shamkhah, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. If you are planning to visit this place then do try our Abu Dhabi sightseeing tour that cover several such interesting places. 

How to reach there

  • You may reach the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital by flight.From the Abu Dhabi International Airport,you can take a cab to reach the hospital from the airport which is 10 kilometres away and a 15 minutes’ drive.
  • The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is also accessible by road in Abu Dhabi, E 20 road connects from the airport to the hospital.
  • You may also use inter-Emirate bus service within the city to reach Abu Dhabi and take a cab from there to the venue.


  • The tour timings are from Sunday to Thursday – 10 am to 2 pm.
  • The tours need to be booked in advance.


  • The entry ticket is priced at AED 170.

Note: Kindly note that the price may change, kindly refer to the official website to find the exact price.


The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is not only a hospital for falcons but for other avian species where visitors can gather immense information and experience about their activities. The tour here also throws light on the prestigious history of falconry, the life of the falcons and their importance in the country’s heritage.

The tour is an eye opener on every aspect of knowledge and experience of the falcon’s medical treatment along with opportunities for photography, interactive session with the birds and a great cultural experience for visitors all around the world.


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