Dubai Desert

List of best things to do in Dubai Desert tour:  Witness the ethereal sight of the Dubai sun reflecting on the golden sands here on a desert safari in Dubai. Individuals would fall in love with the blend of the sun rays falling on the golden sands and creating a mystical aura around the surroundings. It is certainly a pleasure to watch and feel the surreal experience here in the Dubai desert. Individuals can participate in a variety of thrilling activities at the Dubai desert and enjoy their time.

Let us look into the 11 important activities to pursue here while enjoying our leisure moments at the Dubai desert.

1. Camel Ride Safari

The Camel Ride Safari is one of the most distinct safari rides to pursue while spending time in the Dubai desert. This ride is a 45-minute session that enables visitors to get a distinct look at the lives of the early Bedouin people and their habitats here in the deserts of Dubai. Individuals can check out the vast stretches of untouched territory here, covered with alluring red dunes. The camel rides also offer guests the opportunity to check out the wildlife here, along with a visit to the Conservation Hall here in the Dubai desert. Couples and partners can largely enjoy the ride while enjoying the desert sands at the Dubai location.

2. Dune Buggy Ride

The Dune buggy ride is an amazing safari ride to enjoy that takes individuals in metal-caged buggies that are meant preferably for the sandy terrain here. Guests opting for the ride are provided proper safety methods with harnesses and belts around their seating arrangements. Enjoy the thrill of the ride as you zoom past the sand dunes or leap over them in these sturdy buggies. This could be a lifetime experience for many individuals visiting the Dubai desert.

3. Dune Bashing Ride

The Dune Bashing Ride is another brilliant activity to enjoy in the Dubai desert, which lets individuals bash the gigantic sand dunes in a 4×4 vehicle. This ride certainly provides a thrilling experience for visitors as they jump, hit, and zoom over the sandy dunes in the deserts of Dubai. Snapshots and selfies are a must when pursuing the activity, with proper safety gear and equipment being provided to the customers here. The activity can be checked for around 3 hours here, and the operators here charge around AED 200 per person for the ride.

4. Hot Air Balloon Ride

The hot air balloon ride is a prominent activity to enjoy here in the deserts area with partners and lovebirds around. This trip takes individuals to an elevation of 4,000 feet above the ground to enjoy the enthralling view of the Dubai landscape from the top. Couples and partners can behold the sight of the rising Dubai sun from the air and the diverse wildlife roaming around in the Dubai deserts here. The average duration of the tour is around 1 hour, and it is available for 5 hours a day. Operators charge around AED 1020 for a single person here.

5. Sunrise View of Desert Safari  

The sunrise desert safari ride allows individuals to check out the sunrise along the desert terrain and enjoy the ethereal sight of the sun’s rays touching the golden desert sands. The view is a magnanimous one that enables visitors to fall in love with the outstanding view here. The ride starts with a journey through the sandy terrain in the middle of the Dubai desert and catching a glimpse of the mesmerizing sunrise here. The activity is available for around 30 minutes here and costs about AED 250 for a ride.

6. Enjoy the Sunset View of Desert Safari  

The Sunset View Desert Safari Ride is similar to the Sunrise View Desert Safari Ride, and the only distinction is the time of day it is conducted. Individuals can check out the astonishing view of the sunset here in the Dubai desert as the sun sets on the horizon, reflecting a reddish glow over the Dubai sky. It is an enchanting experience to enjoy the activity that has been conducted for a 30-minute duration. The Sunset View Desert Safari Ride in Dubai can cost up to AED 300.

7. Belly Dancing Shows

Another major activity to enjoy while engaging in the opulent services in the Dubai desert is the belly dancing shows here. Individuals are offered their seats in the open-aired desert area while artists from around the world perform astounding belly dancing shows here. This is a magical view to watch as they jiggle their ornament-filled bellies and create ripples through the body. The belly dancing shows are clubbed with private camping activities here and may cost around AED 1000 per person.

8. Tanoura Dance Shows

The Tanoura Dancing Shows are another variant of the performances conducted in the Dubai desert. Individuals can check out the performances of traditional artists here as they dance in circles wearing bright, wavy apparel. This creates a colorful circle as the artists perform Sufi steps to entertain the visitors. The Tanoura Dance Shows are also clubbed with private camping activities here and can cost around AED 1000 per person.

9. Quad Biking Ride

The quad biking ride is a thrilling activity to pursue while spending time here in the Dubai desert. This ride enables guests to ride a quad bike at the location and reach untouched areas around the Dubai desert pretty conveniently. Proper safety measures are provided with instructions from trained professionals here. The activity is conducted by various agencies here and takes around an hour to complete. The cost of a ride on the quad bikes here is around AED 135.

10. Sandboarding Ride

The sandboarding ride is similar to the snowboarding ones on snowy terrain, and the only comparison is that it is conducted on the Dubai sands here. Individuals are strapped to their feet with a sandboard and allowed to zoom along the gigantic sand dunes here. It is a thrilling experience to behold, and it takes around an hour for the ride to conclude. The ride fee can reach up to AED 200 per person here.

11. Fat Biking Rides

The Fat Biking Rides are a great way to enjoy the Dubai desert terrain here, as individuals can ride along the location for around 1 to 5 hours as per their choice. Proper safety equipment is provided to the guests here as they ride fat tire bikes around the desert location. This is generally a soothing and relaxing ride while checking out the distinct vegetation and wildlife around. The ride is conducted for 5 hours and takes around AED 600 for a fat biking ride in the deserts of Dubai.

Final Word

In a nutshell, these are the 11 most important activities to enjoy while spending time in the Dubai desert. Individuals can take their partners and families on a trip to the Dubai desert here and delve into the thrilling and adventurous rides at the location. Checking the weather conditions is necessary for the availability of rides here in the deserts of Dubai.


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