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iFly Dubai Tickets | Book Indoor Skydiving Tour

Do you want to experience some adrenalin rush? Well, we can make your wish come true by introducing you to iFly Dubai. With this activity, you can get a feel of skydiving in the safest way possible. During this activity, you will fly at a height of 10 meters and of course, you will be given safety gear. This is very suitable for experienced people and first-timers. Are excited to know more about this activity? Well, keep reading.

Tour Name Book Indoor Skydiving Tour
Tour Type Adventure Tour
Ticket Price AED 160
Duration 45 Minutes
Transfer Type Not Included
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A Brief Overview Of iFly Dubai Tickets

This activity takes place at  Play Nation on Bin Zayed Road. We also offer transfers for our guests only if you select the option. This activity must be experienced by everyone who is looking for a little bit of thrill and adventure. You need not worry as you will be briefed about this activity by professionals who will teach you all the basics of flying.

A Little Bit More About The Activity

  • If you select the transfer option with us then we will arrange for a pickup from your hotel
  • Before this activity commences, you will receive ample training from a professional who will also teach you hand signals and a few tricks
  • All safety measures are placed in order to prevent any accidents.

Things You Should Keep In Mind Before You Sign Up For iFly Dubai Tickets

  • If you have ever  dislocated your shoulder then we will advise you not to go for this activity
  • People with heart, back, and neck problems should not go for this activity
  • We do not issue any refunds for services that are used partly
  • Guests who have consumed alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to participate in this activity
  • The maximum weight for this activity must not exceed 115 kg
  • Women who are pregnant will not be permitted
  • You must arrive at least one hour before your designated slot time

Our Policies On Children

  • Kids above the age of 13 years will have to pay rates as that of an adult
  • Kids who fall in the age group 3-13years will pay rates for children
  • Children under the age of 3 years will not have to pay and are not permitted for this activity

Our Policies on Confirmation

  • Once you make a booking with us you will receive a confirmation message in your email within 2 hours
  • If the slots you have selected are not available then we will provide you with suitable alternatives
  • If you cancel your booking before we send you a confirmation message then you will receive a full refund.

Our Policies On Confirmation

  • If you make a cancelation 1 day prior to the activity then you will have to pay the whole money as a fee for the cancellation

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Time Taken For This Activity?

The whole activity takes about an hour or so. This involves practical training, training videos, and a briefing on the safety measures. So, it is important that you report at least an hour before the time allotted to you. Every single individual will be given a slot so that they can enjoy the activity to the fullest.

How To Get To The Place Of Activity?

This location is not hard to reach at all. You can take a metro, cab, or bus and get here in no time. This place is centrally located within Dubai. If you use a metro then get off at the Rashidiya metro and from there you can take a cab. However, if you want to save time then you could just take a cab from your hotel.

Is The Activity Safe?

Yes, this activity is perfectly safe. All safety measures are in place so you do not have to worry at all.

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