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Museum Of The Future Dubai Tickets

Book your Museum of the Future admission tickets in Dubai to experience the upcoming technology and innovation in the world. This is not an ordinary museum, this is your chance to step into the future and get a glimpse of endless possibilities. The Museum exhibits give a picture of what the world may look like 50 years from now. Sounds fun right? Well, it is a lot of fun. The museum is not just enjoyable but very educational for all age groups. It would be sad if you did not visit this museum. Want to know more? Great! We are happy to share all the info with you, read on.

Tour Name Museum Of The Future Dubai Tickets
Tour Type Attraction Tickets
Ticket Price AED 149
Duration 2 Hours
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What Can You Expect To See In the Museum?

Well, to begin with, the architecture of the museum is breathtaking. The place stands 77 meters tall and is designed by Shaun Killa. It is said that the museum was built with the aid of robots. The museum also has beautiful calligraphy consisting of quotes by Sheikh Maktoum

The building has three distinct sections with subsections and each of these areas have a distinct theme. The whole theme of the museum showcases the evolution of mankind and the role of technology. Through the various exhibits, you will get a clear picture of how we can make the world a better place if we use our resources in the right way.

The museum covers an area of 3000 Square meters and is divided into seven floors. The museum literally looks like a set of a Science fiction movie. The museum also has a spa that will show you what the wellness industry will look like in the distant future.

What Is Included

  • Included
  • Entry tickets for the Museum of the Future
  • You will have access to all the exhibits with your ticket
  • We organize pickups and dropbacks to your hotel of stay in case sharing or private transfer option is selected

Also, you can check out our combo ticket Museum of the Future + Dubai Frame tickets.

Why Should You Visit This Museum?

Everything about this museum is unique and if you are looking for a fun time then this museum is the place. This is also a nice place to hang out with your kid, they will love the interactive exhibit in this museum to the fullest. The exhibits in the museum are great at teaching the younger generation the importance of conserving our natural resources.

Things To Remember Before Visiting This Museum

  • We offer pickups and dropbacks to hotels that are located in the central part of Dubai
  • Your ticket will only be valid for the slot selected by you
  • Opening hours of the museum are 10:00 AM in the morning till 6:30 PM.

Our Cancellation Policies

If you cancel after we have confirmed your booking then we will charge full cancellation

Our Policies On Children

  • Kids more than 3 years will have  to pay adult rates
  • Kids under the age of 3 years will not have to pay anything as an entry fee

FAQs on Museum Of The Future

Does It Take Time to Cover The Entire Museum?

Yes, it will take a few hours as it has seven floors with multiple sections filled with exhibits

Is This A Child-Friendly Place?

Yes, this is a child-friendly place and your kids are going to love it to the fullest

Are Any Meals Included With The Tickets?

No, there are no meals included. You will just have access to the entire museum.

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