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Kidzania Dubai Tickets

Grab the opportunity and book Kidzania Dubai Tickets and your kids will experience a whole new level of entertainment with Kidzania Located in the Dubai Mall, Kidzania will give your kids a memorable time in Dubai. Covering an area of 7000 sqm, it looks exactly like a miniature city having over 70 activities for kids between 4-16. Different jobs are present throughout the city, and they can take up any role-play. With teamwork, decision-making skills, and creativity, kids can be a part of these activities. Thus, with the Kidzania Dubai Tickets, your kids can have fun as well as learn different things.

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Various role-play activities are impressive and can help them achieve their dream for a day. With all the situations around them, they have to behave like adults to come out of any given situation. A few common experiences that your kids can be a part of include doctors, engineers, chefs, TV hosts, and many more. All in all, Kidzania Dubai’s activities are interesting and exciting.

Every activity room comes with a sign showing the number of heads to participate at a single time. Other signs show the age group for any particular activity. Make sure to bring them to the Kidzania to let them explore their ambitions using this realistic educative environment.

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About the Kidzania Dubai Tickets

A few popular departments are there in the Kidzania that you can enjoy.

  • In the education department, kids get the opportunity to get a degree in their selected fields and collect Kidzos in the Kidzania.
  • In the entertainment department, kids can participate in different roles like floor manager, camera person, and other roles for Al Aan TV Studio.
  • In the food and beverages department, kids can indulge in cooking and making healthy food in the Fade Fit Kids Healthy snack factory. Make delicious burgers at McDonald’s.
  • In the health department, kids can play the role of scientists in the Micro Safe Antimicrobial Lab to work and develop a positive way of sanitizing any surface.
  • In the media department, kids can learn different techniques for producing radio shows as well as news bulletins on airwaves, so that the entire city can watch them.
  • In the retail department, kids can work as a cashier or as stock managers. It is the best way to learn about financial stuff.
  • Kids can become government officials like Dubai Customs and Police Station, and work to keep the city safe.
  • To test their sports skills, kids can play football or billiards inside the Games Room.

How to reach Kidzania Dubai

Kidzania is located in Dubai Mall, which is easy to access from different parts of the city. If you are coming by metro, you have to get down to Burj Khalifa and reach the main road. From here, you can take a feeder bus that will take you to the Dubai Mall. Alternatively, if you are coming by cab, you have to catch the road near the Financial Centre Road. From here, you can walk towards Dubai Mall.

Essential information

  • While booking the Kidzania Dubai Tickets , you have to provide the correct ID details of your kids.
  • You have to submit all the details at least 48 hours before booking Kidzania Dubai Tickets. If you forget to provide the details, your booking will be canceled.
  • Don’t bring your pets inside Kidzania.
  • Don’t leave your kids in the queue alone or outside Kidzania.
  • No outside food or drinks are allowed inside Kidzania.
  • While booking Kidzania Dubai Tickets. It opens every day for visitors (Saturday-Wednesday- 10 am-10 pm and Thursday-Friday- 10 am-12 am).
  • After your kids enter Kidzania, they cannot come out for temporary reasons.
  • Don’t forget to bring your and your kids’ ID proof, and show it to the staff upon arrival.
  • You can only carry water bottles inside.

Booking policy

  • You will receive a confirmation voucher in your email within two hours of your booking.
  • If your selected slot is not available, we will provide an alternate slot. After re-booking, you will get a new confirmation voucher in your email.
  • If you don’t like our preferred slot, you can cancel the booking instantly.

Cancellation policy

  • Once the ticket is booked, then it cannot be canceled
  • Canceling the ticket on the activity day will be 100% chargeable.

Refund policy

If you are eligible for the refund, the amount will reflect in your bank account within 7 days.


What are the popular activities to try in Kidzania Dubai?

A few popular activities that your kids can try in Kidzania Dubai include Chocolate Factory, Dental Industry, Pizza Express, Fashion Boutique, Bank, etc.

Is Kidzania completely indoors?

Yes, Kidzania is completely indoors in the heart of the metropolitan city. The ambiance is quite fun and relaxing, perfect for kids to have fun.

Can I bring food inside Kidzania?

No, outside food is not allowed inside Kidzania.

How much time is required to cover Kidzania?

More than 80 role-playing activities are present inside the Kidzania. So, your kids can enjoy themselves as much as they want.

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