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The Green Planet Dubai Tickets

The lush greenery charms visitors at the Green Planet, a one-of-a-kind man-made green ecosystem in the heart of the desert city of Dubai. You are amazed by the ingenuity of humans and the tenacity in their efforts as you admire the beauty of this lovely green zone in a desert city. Home to more than 3000 plants and animals, the Green Planet’s unique vertical tropical forest inside a cutting-edge bio-dome stands witness to the marvels humans can create.

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The fact that a tropical rainforest exists in the heart of a city with a large desert is no less than a miracle. As you step into Green Planet Dubai, you are transported to a different world altogether, a world of large trees, plants, and animals from the tropics. Visiting Green Planet is a wonderful escape into a serene lush green dream world from the buzzing theater of concrete structures that Dubai is. You are sure to love every moment you spend here amidst tropical flora and fauna.

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The Highlights of Green Planet Dubai Tickets

  • Get direct access to the Green Planet
  • It’s the first bio-dome in the Middle East, home to a unique vertical tropical rainforest
  • Learn about our unique ecosystem as you traverse the Green Planet’s four levels—Forest Floor, Flooded Rainforest, Midstory, and Canopy
  • Get up and close with the new member at the Green Planet, the Sugar Gliders
  • Admire the largest life-sustaining manmade tree standing tall at 35 meters
  • Spread across 6000 sqft, the tropical forest of the Green Planet is home to exotic flora and fauna of more than 3000 species

More about the Green Planet

  • Tickets to the Green Planet let you experience Creatures of the Night, Bat Cave, Bug Encounter, and the Sugar Glider
  • While at the Green Planet, you can experience coming into contact with a real python, enjoy watching the aquarium, watch amazingly colorful birds, and also meet the sloths

The bio-dome of the Green Planet has four layers waiting for you to explore.

  1. The Canopy: The sunlight and rain here at 30-40 meters off the ground is diffused
  2. The Midstory: The middle layer of the Green Planet is all about large leaves
  3. Forest Floor: This layer showcases the animals of rainforests in an artificially created humid environment
  4. Flooded Rainforest: This layer is a display of the fauna that you see in the wet and flooded zones of tropical rainforests

Things to Know Before You Go

  • You are requested to take all photographs without using the flash
  • You are to refrain from touching the plants for their health and safety. You are also advised not to feed any of the animals you see there
  • You are not allowed to smoke at the Green City
  • Turn up attire that doesn’t offend local sensibilities. You may be asked to leave if the authorities find your attire unacceptable
  • You can’t carry any food or beverage
  • The tickets allow only entry. Separate payments have to be made for all other activities
  • All children are to be under the supervision of the adults accompanying them and the adults are to take care of the well-being and conduct of the children in their group

How Can You Reach The Green Planet?

 By the Metro: The Green Planet is only 650 meters from Dubai Petroleum Corporation Station, just a short walk.

By Bus: Take the subway, the Line 106 bus, or the Line 81 bus that gets you to the Green Planet.

By Taxi: Any taxi you book shall take you straight to the Green Planet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Green Planet

  • What’s the best time of the year to visit the Green Planet?

The best time of the year to visit the Green Planet is the months of the summer, July and August. This is when the flora and fauna here are at their best.

  • Can visitors bring outside food?

No, visitors aren’t allowed to bring any food from outside. Any special conditions are an exception for which the entrance staff has to be communicated with.

  • How long does the Green Planet stay open?

The Green Planet stays open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Visitors are welcome to drop by during these operational hours.

  • How much time do I need to keep aside to see the Green Planet?

If you follow the signage carefully and abide by the meet-and-greet instructions, you shouldn’t take longer than one and a half hours to see the Green Planet.

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