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Jet Car Dubai Ride

Conquer the azure waters with a Jet Car Dubai and relive the definition of jollification. It is one of the unique and lively water activities in the city. One can book a 20-minute or a one-hour ride. A jet car ride is full of excitement, entertainment, and loads of memories. However, there is a twist, instead of a normal boat, one will ride a sleek and colorful Corvette Car. These jet cars have efficient and powerful rear engines and various user-friendly specs, making the ride electrifying. Hence, one can expect to have some unbelievable experiences.

Inclusions of Jet Car Dubai Ride

  • Jet car ride in a Corvette Car.
  • An exhilarating activity- 20 minutes, 30, minutes, or 60 minutes.
  • Compulsory life jackets.
  • Expert guidance from the crew.

Highlights of the Jet Car Ride

  • Indulge in an exciting experience while driving the Corvette Car; that too on the Dubai waters.
  • Go solo or try the Jet Car Dubai ride with an experienced instructor. Furthermore, reach a speed of 60 km/hr or the highest- 80 km/hr.
  • Admire the uninterrupted scenery of the marvelous city while speeding near the Arabian coastline on this excellent boat.
  • Cover the city attractions – Ain Dubai, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis  The Palm, and more from a different POV.
  • Enjoy the ride without worrying about safety as the riders get safety jackets. Besides, an expert accompanies the guest throughout the ride, making it safe.

Essential Information

  • Tourists are requested to bring an original passport or Emirates Id when coming for the activity.
  • Pregnant women must not come for the activity.
  • One jet car can accommodate two adults and one kid.
  • Parents must keep their kids under strict supervision.
  • Reach the activity location at least 20 minutes before it starts.
  • Riders can drive the jet car when the captain is present.
  • Poor weather conditions might lead to the rescheduling of the activity or a refund.

What to Expect from Jet Car Dubai Ride?

Enjoy 20, 30, or 60 minutes of a thrilling Jet Car Dubai ride to experience the excitement. Here are top things that you can expect from this adventure ride:

Prepare yourself for an exclusive water activity.

Are you looking for an escape from the normal water parks and rides? A jet car ride is what you need. This joyful activity amidst the exuberant Dubai water is better than the crowded water parks. Besides, the jet cars look exactly like four-wheeler. Therefore, in some way, you will be driving a floating car on Dubai water. Each ride comes with two seats. Hence, one can go solo or with a guide to enjoy the ride safely.

Cherish the unobstructed views of the Dubai skyline.

Jet car rides in Dubai offer more than thrill and excitement. Hence, booking this activity will introduce one to a different meaning of sightseeing. It allows one to speed through the sparkling waters while enjoying the captivating city landmarks. Therefore, catch a glimpse of Bluewaters Island, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Ain Dubai, the 7-star Burj Al Arab, the majestic Atlantis-The Palm, etc. Do try the Jet ski ride as well that offer similar adventurous ride.

Exotic aquatic experience paired with ultimate safety

The jet car rides are available in three different options- 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and one hour. Each ride comes with high-standard specifications to enhance the rider’s experience. The best part is one can expect to get ultimate safety without compromising on fun. Besides, it will let one remain dry compared to other water rides.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Jet Car Ride

Are kids allowed in the activity?

You can bring your kids to the activity. However, they should be kept under supervision.

Will I get swimming gear with the package?

You must bring your own swimming gear and towel when coming for the activity.

Is it compulsory to wear safety jackets?

Everyone must keep wearing a safety jacket during the jet car ride.

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