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Parasailing Dubai

Why not add spice to your Dubai vacation by parasailing in Dubai activity? It adds the right amount of adventure to the holiday itinerary. The activity takes place under the supervision of the experts. Hence, one can experience an unforgettable thrill and make the Dubai trip a highlighted memory of life.

The activity begins with riding a carefully designed speedboat. Therefore, riding this, one will enter the open Arabian Gulf and cover the vastness of it. The experts will attach a seated harness and hook the parasail, which looks like a parachute. Feel the boat speeding up, rushing air into the chute, and it gradually stretches and inflates. Furthermore, one will feel soaring gradually while this process goes on. Once the chute fully inflates, the rider will fly 150 meters above the sea.

Tour Name Parasailing Dubai
Tour Type City Tour
Ticket Price AED 340
Duration  15 Minutes
Transfer Type Optional
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Feel weightless while flying in a seated position. The dazzling view of the marvelous city will leave one spellbound. Besides, as one looks down, the crystal blue water, iconic beaches, and the majestic marvels dotted along the shore of the Arabian Gulf will leave the rider amazed. Moreover, get the freedom of choosing from two different experiences- get wet in the Arabian Gulf or stay dry throughout the ride.

The warm salty sea breeze touching the cheeks is fulfilling and instigates a sense of pleasure and peace. One can choose from different activity options- single, tandem, or triple parasailing. Therefore, the adrenaline-seeking souls will find a heaven here.

Highlights of the Activity

  • Immerse in the endearing views of the soothing blue Dubai water and the Arabian coastline during the activity.
  • Set out on an adventurous journey amidst the Dubai water in a speedboat. Let the experts prepare you for this amazing experience.
  • Soak in the jaw-dropping beauty of Dubai and its famed landmarks while flying 150 meters above the sea. Besides, sparkling water will instantly lift your mood.
  • This seven minutes floating experience above the water will give you fond memories of the Dubai trip.
  • Go for a solo ride or tandem.

Inclusions of Parasailing Tour

  • Float 150 meters above the sea in the air and enjoy the parasailing experience for seven minutes.
  • We don’t ask the riders for previous experience in the same.
  • Get safety instructions from the professionals before the activity starts.
  • Guests will get transfer facilities upon selection at the time of booking the activity.

Essential information

  • Everyone must bring their original passport or valid ID when coming for the parasailing ride.
  • Always bring your swimwear and towels. We don’t provide them.
  • The minimum and maximum weight criteria are 50 kg and 150 kg respectively. Hence, guests must fall under this criterion.
  • We offer pickup facilities from Dubai hotels and residences located in Deira, Bur Dubai, Marina, and Sheikh Zayed.
  • Kids between 10-18 are allowed but must come with their guardians.
  • We don’t ask for previous experience.
  • Guests will get the location details before the activity day.

FAQs of Parasailing Ride

What is the ideal time to try parasailing in Dubai?

Anyone who wants to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Dubai coastline with the crystal blue water of the Arabian Gulf must try parasailing. You can try the activity anytime. However, a clear sunny day is the ideal weather condition to experience the activity and enjoy the spellbinding views.

What is the maximum height the chute reaches?

A rider will reach 150 meters above the sea, which is approximately 500 feet. Besides, the ultimate bliss you experience is beyond explanation. Hence, you must try this ride if you want to fly like a bird. Furthermore, the ride will take you up to 200 meters (max) so that you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city.

Is there any instructor to guide me?

An instructor will be present to take you on a joyride, while you enjoy the jaw-dropping views of the coastline and the city skyline. Besides, they ensure safety before the ride takes off and even help with taking pictures during the ride.

What to carry before going for the activity?

There are a few things to carry when going parasailing in Dubai, like comfortable footwear, sunscreen to prevent tanning or sunburn, sunglasses, a camera, a towel, and extra clothes.

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