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Seaworld Abu Dhabi Tickets

The Seaworld Abu Dhabi tickets allow the visitors to enter an aquatic world away from the city noise.  Abu Dhabi’s latest tourist attraction Seaworld is one of the famous waterparks. It houses more than forty unique water rides and slides. Seaworld Abu Dhabi is all about the marine world, the underwater ecosystem, and its connection with life on Earth. The perfect exhibits and themes come with mesmeric and fun experiences, ideal to enjoy with friends or family. Besides, the outstanding dining and shopping experiences are equally interesting.

About Seaworld Abu Dhabi

Furthermore, Seaworld believes in safeguarding and preserving marine animals through friendly practices. Moreover, vets, animal care specialists, and scientists use internationally approved zoological care for marine creatures. Did you know that the Seaworld has artificially made natural animal habitats using ground-breaking technologies so marine creatures can thrive securely in their environment? The entire team of Seaworld works day and night to protect them. Moreover, they also focus on the next generation so that they learn about the importance of preserving ocean life.

The collaboration with Seaworld Parks and Entertainment and partnership with Miral resulted in this astounding creation. As a result, it turned out to be a promising theme park with magnificent experiences. Seaworld is a popular tourist hotspot amidst the Emirate’s Capital City with six unique realms, dynamic habitats for different marine species, and enough entertainment and fun.

A huge marine-life aquarium is present, which is a safe abode for approximately 68,000 marine animals- sharks, unique fishes, manta rays, sea turtles, and more. Seaworld is also the Emirates’ first dedicated marine research institute. It is all about rescue, research, rehabilitation, and return center for the marine species. The globally recognized conservation efforts practiced here focus on highlighting ‘One Ocean’- an engaging story that depicts the connection between the ocean and life on Earth. Do check the Abu Dhabi city tour that cover several attractions of the city.

A mega marine theme park, personal animal experiences, a king-size aquarium, and the latest technology- indeed a perfect spot for visitors’ engagement.

Inclusions of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Tickets 

  • Get the entry ticket to SeaWorld Abu Dhabi
  • Get access to the 35 different interactive experiences and cool rides

Reasons to Visit SeaWorld Show

  • Book SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Tickets to expereince a new level of aquatic world with best offer and dealsw.
  • Plan an entertaining day with your friends or family at the marine-themed Seaworld Dubai and participate in more than 40 unique slides and rides.
  • Meet over one lakh unbelievable marine species that create a perfect engaging atmosphere inside Seaworld Abu Dhabi.
  • Experience adventure with more than fifteen unique attractions and exhilarating rides. We bet everyone will have a great time here.
  • The wow-worthy animal encounter and learning unknown facts about them is no less than a true adventure.
  • Participate in over a hundred animal experiences, presentations, and more. The experts will enlighten the visitors about these captivating creatures.
  • Enjoy splendid performances by more than 20 live characters. Watch how they bring life to the park with their astounding shows and interactions.
  • Seaworld is the biggest multi-species marine life aquarium. It is a ticket to the enchanting underwater world to explore the diverse marine life.
  • Treat your taste buds to exclusive mouth-watering dishes since Yas Waterworld is the home to more than seventeen food joints serving delicious culinary preparations.
  • Buy souvenirs from any shopping outlet here.

 How to reach SeaWorld in Abu Dhabi?

Cabs or public taxis are the best option since Seaworld Abu Dhabi is approximately 3.9 kilometers away from the main city. It takes almost seven minutes to reach via Al Maha Street.


The Seaworld Abu Dhabi opens daily from 10 am to 8 pm. However, you can reach us anytime if you have any queries regarding the opening hours.

Booking Policy

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  • We issue system-generated tickets. Hence, once the ticket is generated you cannot cancel it.
  • If done, we will charge a 100% cancellation fee without any refund.
  • Our tickets are non-exchangeable.



What is the biggest attraction of Seaworld Abu Dhabi?

Seaworld Abu Dhabi focuses on the welfare and protection of the marine life. Besides, it focuses on the overall behavior of the marine animals and studies about the marine ecosystem. You will spot unseen marine animals from reputable sources in their natural habitat. Zoologists, scientists, and marine specialists are always available to emphasize the welfare and preservation of these creatures.

Are there orcas at the Seaworld Abu Dhabi?

No, Seaworld Abu Dhabi doesn’t feature orcas. Guests will enjoy personal interaction with the animals in a massive aquarium. Besides, the high-tech visitor engagement is undoubtedly mind-blowing. The best part is Seaworld is not just an engaging theme park, but also educates and inspires this generation on the importance of marine life care.

How can I book the Seaworld Abu Dhabi tickets?

You can directly contact us or visit our website for ticket booking.

Is it kid-friendly?

Yes, the Seaworld Abu Dhabi is entertaining and educative for every age. Moreover, the thrilling rides and slides will keep your kids hooked during the activity.

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