Etihad Towers

The Etihad Towers is in the United Arab Emirates’ capital city Abu Dhabi. A cluster of five tall towers rising high into the skies comprise this stunning complex. Home to many offices, a hotel, and plush apartments, the Etihad Towers was built at a cost of 2.5 billion Dirhams. Tower 1 of the Etihad Towers complex houses the luxurious Etihad Towers Hotel belonging to the Jumeirah Group. The iconic “Observation Deck at 300” is on the 75th floor of Tower 2. The film Furious 7 had an action scene shot here.

The History of the Etihad Towers

The project was initiated in the year 2006 with DBI Design being the architects. The Etihad Towers were to be the crowning jewel of Abu Dhabi’s skyline. Developed by the Sheikh Suroor Projects Department, the construction of the towers concluded in 2011. After detailed planning, His Highness Sheikh Suroor Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan set the ball rolling for Abu Dhabi’s most prestigious project.

Today, the five towers with a glass finish stand tall glittering proudly in the bright sunshine. The Etihad Towers leave you in awe with its magnificence. You are left marveling at what human enterprise can achieve. The grand Etihad Towers Complex has spurred the recent boom in Abu Dhabi’s fortunes. The five towers of the Etihad Towers Complex have changed Abu Dhabi’s skyline forever.

Things to Do at the Etihad Towers

The Etihad Towers is an exciting place to be at and there’s a lot you can do here. It’s a major destination for shopping and fine dining. Let us walk you through on the exciting things to do here.

1. Shopping

If you are looking to pick high-end branded items, the Etihad Towers certainly won’t disappoint you. Many brands of global repute and iconic fashion houses showcase their stuff here. You can start with the amazing Aston Martin showroom at The Avenue. The Etihad Towers are a benchmark in luxury shopping.

For fresh produce, groceries, and baked items, head to the Waitrose. You can also shop at specialty stores like the Maison Des Fleurs and Hind Al Oud. At Avenue Etihad Towers, you can check out the latest stuff from iconic brands like Versace, Bulgari, Cartier, and Bulgari among others.

2. Fine Dining

If you are looking to spend some quality time with your special one, there could be no better place than the Etihad Towers. Enjoy mouthwatering dishes as you soak in the stunning views of Abu Dhabi’s skyline. Here’s the most famous restaurant located in the Etihad Towers.

3. Rosewater

Offering a wide range of dishes from the Middle East, Europe and India, Rosewater gifts you an unforgettable dining experience. The lavish buffet spreads laid out for breakfast, lunch and of course, dinner every day is just irresistible.

You can opt for indoor seating and if the weather permits, you can enjoy your meal under the open sky taking in spectacular views of the Abu Dhabi Corniche and the Arabian Gulf. When you are at the Rosewater, you must try their pasta, Shushi, and steaks.

4. Enjoying Delightful Vistas from the Observation Deck at 300

When you are at the Etihad Towers, visiting the Observation Deck at 300 is an absolute must. Located on Level 74 of Conrad at the Etihad Towers Hotel in Tower 2, the views from here are breathtaking. Sip a cup of rich coffee or tea as you admire the beauty of the Arabian Gulf and Abu Dhabi down below. We recommend that you book your tickets in advance to avoid the weekend rush. Do check our Abu Dhabi tour packages details here.

The Entry Tickets

You shall need an entry ticket to visit the Observation Deck at 300 and enjoy the stunning views. These tickets come at AED 95 per person. There are no entry fees for the other attractions and you are billed for the items you buy or the services you use.

How to Reach

You can reach the Etihad Towers by taking the metro to the Bainuna or Corniche stations. You may also take buses on lines 10, 34, 05 and 63.

The Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Abu Dhabi is the winter which is from November to March. Coming to what time of the day is best to visit the Etihad Towers, we suggest that you arrive at dusk to take in the beauty of the majestic towers. On your way out, you’ll be able to admire how brightly it is lit up after sundown.


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