Dubai in November Month

Dubai has been an exotic destination for tourists and travelers, and it is the perfect place to spend a relaxing holiday here. There are various attractions and architectural feats around the place, amazing luxury facilities, and a striving beach life here in Dubai. Individuals can bring in their families and kids and enjoy the ardent destination of Dubai with the fun and frolic activities to engage in here. November is generally a great month to enjoy the serene Dubai surroundings, along with the special activities to relish while spending time in Dubai. A few of the important details and information regarding the weather and things to do during the November month are listed below for the readers to look at.

Weather of Dubai in November Month

The weather remains pretty comfortable during November in Dubai. Temperatures in the mornings stay between 24 and 30 degrees Celsius, whereas the evening temperatures tend to be a lot cooler at 15 degrees. Rains are not predominant here, so the chances are pretty low. Apart from the temperature, cool winds blow from the northern direction, making the weather apt for enjoying the time in Dubai. Light breezes and little drizzles can be observed here while staying in Dubai during the November month.

The importance of visiting Dubai during the November month

November in Dubai attracts plenty of visitors due to the great ambiance and cooler temperatures during that time. The intensity of the sun’s rays remains normal during this time, making it appropriate for a body tan and enjoying a swim in the Persian Gulf. The evening temperatures drop to an extent, making it favorable for visitors to enjoy the activities here. Various activities can be enjoyed during this time, like quad biking, skydiving, dunking, and even going on a hot air balloon ride. Many distinct events, shows, and concerts are conducted during November, including the Dubai Film Festival, Dubai EXPO, and many more.

Things to check before opting for a holiday in Dubai during November 

There are various distinct things to check while in Dubai during the November month. Firstly, Dubai remains overcrowded during the winter months, and thus there is a possibility of the unavailability of tickets for the attractions here. Flight and accommodation rates at the hotels may increase during this time. Tickets should be booked in advance during the November months to avoid any unnecessary hassle while holidaying in Dubai during the November months.

5 important places to visit in Dubai during November

There are various places in Dubai to visit in November, and the few important ones are projected below for checking purposes.

1. Burj Khalifa

Individuals can enjoy the iconic Burj Khalifa, which is also deemed the tallest tower in the world. The tower holds some of the most exotic places to visit, like lavish lounges, branded shopping stores, lush accommodation areas, and even an observatory to view the Dubai skyline from the 144th floor. Special screenings, as well as product launches, are concluded here at the Burj Khalifa for visitors to enjoy their significant time here.

2. Aquaventure Park

The Aquaventure Park present in the Atlantis, Palm, is a great place to take kids and families during November. Individuals can enjoy the diverse rides and attractions around this place and relax in the waters here in the park. Temperatures remain quite cozy at this time of November, thus making the trip a favorable one for the individuals here. Various eating areas are available at the spot for enjoying a golden time at the park here in November.

3. Wild Wadi Water Park

The Wild Wadi Waterpark is another place in Dubai where individuals can enjoy the various slides and tides along the artificially created water zones. Swim in the lazy river or enjoy your time spiraling through the tube tunnels in the park. Special events and shows are conducted here during November for the visitors to relish and relax during their time at the Wild Wadi Water Park here in Dubai.

4. Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

Tourists and travelers coming to Dubai Marina to enjoy the dhow cruises here can have a great time visiting the location during the November month. Various affluent sights can be viewed from these Dubai dhow cruise here, along with the gorgeous food fiestas available on these dhow boats. Live music performances, along with belly dance shows, are conducted during the November months here on the dhow cruises at Dubai Marina.

5. Morning Desert Safari

The morning Dubai desert safari is also an intense way to enjoy the months of November here with the rising of the Dubai sun in the desert area. Individuals can check out the vivid activities here, like dune bashing and quad biking, or even go on a camel ride through the desert area. The temperatures also remain pretty soothing during the November month, making it appropriate to partake in desert safaris during that time.


Final Thoughts

In summary, these are the few important reasons to visit Dubai during November. Individuals can enjoy their time here with partners or families and engage in the special trips and tours conducted by various operators around the Dubai region in November.


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