Weather in Dubai during January

Everything you wanted to know about Dubai in January, things to do and weather: Dubai is a great place to enjoy an assortment of thrilling activities and adventurous rides at the location. Individuals come down to Dubai to spend great vacation time with friends and loved ones. Various mammoth landmarks with pristine sea beaches can be checked around the city of Dubai and gorge on the sumptuous delicacies available at the food counters around the region. Visitors and guests come down to Dubai during January to enjoy the calm climate with appealing weather conditions around the place. Let us delve into the distinct details and information regarding the weather conditions and the places to visit while spending time here in Dubai.

Dubai during January

Weather in Dubai during January

The weather remains pretty soothing and composed during January in Dubai. Individuals can enjoy their visits and rides during this time as the morning temperatures remain below 26 degrees here. Moreover, the evening temperatures can be a bit cold in the desert and empty places around Dubai, so a jacket or a sweater should be carried in such cases. Rain and excess heat are not expected during that time, thus making it a great season for visitation purposes here in Dubai.

What to wear during January in Dubai?

Individuals opting to visit Dubai in January can look for distinct outfits to wear here. Winters are soothing around this time, and thus individuals can wear t-shirts with full or half sleeves here. Lighter and more breathable clothes are also great outfits to wear on desert safaris here in Dubai. Individuals opting for dhow cruises at night or even opting for an overnight desert safari during the January month should pack in some warm clothes. Nights may tend to get cooler in the deserts and vacant places, so proper winter clothing is necessary here. For visits to amusement parks and waterparks, individuals can don cotton clothing to dry up sooner during the January months in Dubai.

Places to Visit Dubai in January

There are various places to visit in Dubai during the January months, and a few proper places are listed below for the readers.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Visit the ecstatic Burj Khalifa in Dubai during the winter months and enjoy the array of brilliant activities to conclude there. Individuals can enjoy the sumptuous dining arrangements at the lounges and clubs here or view the mesmerizing Dubai skyline from the observatory on the 124th level. Lavish accommodation suites with malls and play areas are available for individuals to enjoy their time here in January. The New Year fireworks show conducted here is also a visual treat for the eyes during January.

2. Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina

Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai Marina

Individuals can spend their time with loved ones on an opulent dhow cruise in the Dubai Marina area. These dhow cruises allow individuals to spend quality time with each other on the luxury cruises and enjoy the vivid sights and scenes of the Dubai backdrop along the way. Go for a ride in the Persian Gulf and enjoy the calm sea breeze while delving into the enjoyable menu served at the dhow cruises here. Live performances like belly dancing shows, Tanoura dance shows, and music performances are available for visitors to check out here.

3. Desert Safari Tour

Dubai Desert safari 

Individuals coming to Dubai during January can enjoy the desert safari tours here. This tour allows visitors to enjoy the sunrise and sunset views in the desert, along with major thrilling activities like dune bashing and quad-biking. Later, individuals can relax at the Bedouin-themed private camps in the desert and enjoy sumptuous dishes and refreshments around here, along with live performances from artists and belly dancers.

4. Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall

Individuals can visit the Dubai Mall location in Dubai in January and enjoy shopping for various brands and goods around the location. A dinosaur fossil is placed on the lower level, with a skiing court for thrill seekers. Individuals can enjoy the skiing activities around the place while watching the penguins play at the corner. Kids’ play areas with food counters are available at the Dubai Mall. Have a great time here.

5. The Lost Chambers Aquarium

aqAarium underwater zoo

Individuals coming to Dubai during January can enjoy the Lost Chambers Aquarium here in the Atlantis, The Palm. The place is known to house over 65,000 marine creatures, with over 300 species to check. Among the varied creatures available, individuals can glance at the sharks, barracudas, eels, stingrays, crabs, seahorses, and even coral reefs at the location.

6. Jumeirah beach

 Jumeirah beach

Another interesting place to visit during January in Dubai is Jumeirah Beach. The beach is known for the vivid activities being conducted here, including skydiving, flyboarding, jet skiing, kite surfing, and more. Individuals can also relax at the beaches around the region and munch on the exotic food platters available at the lounges nearby. The fireworks show during the New Year is an excellent activity to check out while spending time in Dubai during the winter season.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dubai in January

Q: How is the weather in Dubai during the January months?

A: The weather remains pretty soothing for visitations during the January months in Dubai.

Q: Can we offer varied tour packages during the January months in Dubai?

A: Yes. Visitors can check the distinct tour packages while opting for one during the January months here.

Q: What is the perfect season to spend quality time visiting Dubai?

A: The best time to visit Dubai is between December and February, as the weather remains pleasing at the time.

Q: Do we need to pack warm clothes while spending time in Dubai during January?

A: For spending time in deserts and vacant areas, a warm set of outfits can be utilized during January month in Dubai.

In Closure

To end with, these are a few important points and pieces of information regarding the places to visit in Dubai during January. Individuals can bring their kids and loved ones here in Dubai on a vacation and cherish the memories for days to come.