Emirates Palace

Are you thinking of visiting the majestic Abu Dhabi city in the UAE and engaging in the lavish affairs across the place? Abu Dhabi is dotted with an amazing collection of exquisite landmarks, along with popular heritage sites and pristine coastlands across the location. Visitors can enjoy living a posh lifestyle here while participating in exotic tours and excursions across the destination. One such lavish building to check out around Abu Dhabi is the Emirates Palace Hotel, which has some signature specialties available.

Let us look down below for the features and attributes of the grand Emirates Palace, along with the vivid things to check around the destination.

Emirates Palace: An Ode to Lavish Living!

The Emirates Palace is one of the most revered 5-star hotels in the world and has some iconic facilities and posh amenities for visitors to check out in Abu Dhabi. The Emirates Palace is an admirable building to behold that covers a massive area of 8,50,000 square meters. The fortress-like establishment was opened to the general public in 2005 and has over 394 suites, rooms, and facilities across the premises. The place is a perfect pitstop for monarchs, iconic personalities, businessmen, artists, diplomats, and more. Apart from the posh room services, the Emirates Palace also has a chain of ornate restaurants presenting succulent cuisines and treats for the customers here. Some of the best food establishments around the premises include Hakkasan, Le Café, and Sayad Food Restaurant.

The Emirates Palace is also adorned with diverse spa centers, gym areas, men’s parlors, and bars around its opulent location here in Abu Dhabi.

Things to check around the Emirates Palace

Countless top-notch activities can be enjoyed around the premises of the Emirates Palace here in Abu Dhabi, and the important ones are depicted below for the readers.

1. Themed Rooms and Suites

The Emirates Palace Hotel is known for its luxury accommodation and has numerous normal rooms, luxury rooms, and grand suites available for customers. The top-class facilities and amenities across the Emirates Palace include 24-hour room service, iPad availability, entertainment areas, and halls. Normal rooms are available in 3 versions, which are the Pearl theme, the Coral theme, and the Diamond theme, depending on the location. The suites are also marvelous in architecture and are available as the Khaleej Deluxe Suite, Khaleej Suite, Palace Suites, and the Royal Khaleej Suite.

2. Restaurants, bars, and parlors

Emirates Palace is known for its genuine 5-star facilities and has a chain of posh cafes and restaurants across the region. Le Café is one important bistro to check out here that serves the signature Palace Cappuccino, which has 23 karat gold dust sprinkled over the beverage. The Hakkasan restaurant is the finest Chinese grub to enjoy across the premises, with the best seafood to taste at Sayad Food Restaurant here on the premises. Various bars and pubs can also be checked around the destination, along with a grand men’s parlor available here in the region.

3. Spas and fitness centers

If you are looking to spend some relaxing time with facial treatments and energizing fitness sessions, then the Emirates Palace is the ideal place for you. Dotted with award-winning spa locations, the grand destination houses the Emirates Palace Spa, Pedi Mani Cure Studio, TechnoGym, and VibroGym establishments across the beautiful location. A beach area can also be checked around the vivid destination that has beach clubs and cabanas available for an open-air luxury treatment around the destination.

Best time to visit the Emirates Palace?

The best time to visit the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi is during any season of the year. Loaded with top-class facilities and posh amenities, this place is a must-visit destination throughout the year. Also being an indoor enclosure, visitors can avoid the harsh summer sun rays here along the way.

Nearby Places to Visit

An assortment of grand locations can be checked around the Emirates Palace, and the five most popular ones are projected below for the readers.

  • Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  • Abu Dhabi Corniche
  • Bainuna Park
  • Marina Mall

How to Reach Emirates Palace?

The Emirates Palace can be conveniently traveled from all parts of the city since it is located around the prime location in Abu Dhabi. Proper RTA services, along with private transportation, can be availed of across the cityscape to reach the location pretty easily. Dubai is around 90 minutes away from the destination, and Abu Dhabi is around 30 minutes away from the establishment here.

In a Nutshell

Thus, this is the wrap-up of the diverse details and features of the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. Visitors and guests can book their rooms around the grand premises or enjoy a guided tour with professionals around the vivid Emirates Palace establishment constructed around Abu Dhabi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we avail of a guided tour around the Emirates Palace without booking rooms here?

A: Yes, A guided tour is available for visitors to admire the grand views of the Emirates Palace without booking hotel rooms here.

Q: Can we opt for Chinese delicacies around the Emirates Palace restaurants?

A: The Hakkasan is a posh Chinese dining facility available for guests to relish outstanding Chinese meals here.

Q: What are the gyms and fitness centers available around the premises here?

A: The Techno Gym and Vibro Gym are the two distinct gymnasiums and fitness centers available across the Emirates Palace.

Q: Are there any memberships available for kids here?

A: yes. Memberships for kids are available across the Emirates Palace, with free access for toddlers below the age group of 3 years.


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