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Miracle Garden Ticket Dubai

The concept of all that glitters is not gold might not work everywhere. However, in Dubai it surely does. In Dubai, even dreams can turn into reality. The city is the hub of luxury and opulence. Besides, the list of amazing and affluent places on the list is never-ending and one of them is the Miracle Garden Ticket Dubai. A trip to Dubai is incomplete without visiting the gorgeous Miracle Garden.

Tour Name Miracle Garden Ticket Dubai
Tour Type City Tour
Ticket Price AED 95
Duration 4 Hours Approx
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It is the biggest natural flower garden in the globe and deserves all the attention and praise. Did you know, the garden features more than 45 million flowers and plants? Besides, about 120 unique plant and flower species are on display, which is undoubtedly mind-blowing. Furthermore, the biggest stealer is the unique shapes, designs, and themes. Covering an area of 72,000 square meters, the garden is scattered with delightful floral artistry, replicas, and other fascinating things.

Inclusions of Miracle Garden Ticket Dubai

Destination Dubai
Departure Pick Up From Your Hotel/Location In Dubai
Departure Time Depending On Your Ticket Reservation Time
Return Time Approx. 4 hours from Your Entry
  • Included
  • Guests will get transfer facilities upon selection when booking the tickets.
  • Entry tickets to the Dubai Miracle Garden.
  • Indulge in the astonishing beauty of over 45 million attractive flowers.

Everywhere you look, the riot of colors will fill the heart with joy and pleasure. Moreover, the Miracle Garden Ticket Dubai comes in different tiers, each with unique floral décor. Heart-shaped flowers, vertical landscapes, and horizontal landscape designs- everything is a treat to the eye. We bet our Miracle Garden Ticket Dubai will make your visit to this fairyland most luxurious and comfortable.

Furthermore, there are exclusive water pools, vintage vehicles adorned with flowers, attractively shaped walkways, roadways decorated with attractive mini umbrellas, and other unbelievable things. We bet the visitors will have a refreshing and rejuvenating time in this fascinating land of colors and miraculous flowers. Book Tours in Dubai is here to book the Miracle Garden ticket Dubai  with swift private transfers.

Highlights of the Miracle Garden

  • The Dubai Miracle Garden is the biggest natural flower garden in the city created with unbelievably colorful flowers and plants.
  • Witness over 45 million flowers spread in an area of 72,000 square meters.
  • The variety of unique and colorful plants and flowers turned into wowing designs and themes is undoubtedly worth looking at.
  • Walk under the mini umbrellas and don’t forget to click unlimited pictures.
  • There are exclusive facilities for the visitors inside the Dubai Miracle Garden- dining spots and themed areas having attractive fountains and pools.
  • The Miracle Garden remains open from November to May. During this time, visitors get the opportunity to witness unique cultures, art, and cuisines of different countries.

Essential Information

  • Guests will get transfer facilities from hotels and residences that are centrally located in Dubai- Deira, Bur Dubai, Marina, and Sheikh Zayed).
  • Kids must come with their parents.
  • Avoid bringing professional cameras or drones inside the garden.
  • Everyone must use the passages, walkways, and exits during the activity.
  • Do not pick flowers inside the garden.
  • Avoid bringing cars, balls, scooters, pets, or bicycles when coming to the garden.
  • Avoid bringing outside food or drinks inside the garden.
  • Any damage inside the garden or negligence due to the visitors will be taken into consideration.

Attractions of the Miracle Garden

We made a list of the iconic installations and attractions in the Dubai Miracle Garden that one must not miss,

1. Floating Lady

The Floating Lady in the Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the smart installations. It is thoughtful and a perfect example of floral artistry. The biggest attraction is the lady floats in the air with her arms and legs spread in the air and is a perfect example of abstract imagination. Her dress is made with pink and white petunia flowers, which adds enough beauty to the overall creation.

2. Emirates A380

Although you will find many gardens throughout the city, nothing beats the beauty of Dubai’s Miracle Garden. However, one thing that attracts the attention of the visitors is the Emirates Airbus 380 while booking Miracle Garden Dubai Ticket. There is a difference since the airbus is adorned with flowers.

Besides, it is the biggest floral installation in the world. It took ten hours and 180 days to bring this unbelievable creation to life. Approximately 9000 flowers were used to create the Emirates logo and more than 500,000 flowers and plants to design the entire structure which you can witness by the Miracle Garden Ticket Dubai.

3. Flower Parade

If you are booking Miracle Garden Ticket Dubai, you must check out the Flower Parade. Live music and street dancers creating a melodious scene is something that makes the Flower Parade even better. Therefore, don’t miss it whether you are coming here with your friends or family.

Child Policy

Get a 15% Discount on Miracle Garden Ticket Dubai for children aged 3 to 12 years – *ID is Required

Free ticket for children ages below 3 years– *ID is Required

All-inclusive of VAT

When you are visiting Miracle Garden Dubai, you should also visit 3D Blacklight Mini Golf, AYA Universe, Green Planet, Madame Tussauds and many more.

Google Map Address

Check here for Miracle Garden Dubai location.

FAQs on Dubai Miracle Garden

What makes the Miracle Garden Ticket Dubai a special attraction of Dubai?

It is the biggest natural flower garden covered with over 45 million unique flowers and more than 250 million plants. The Dubai Miracle Garden was opened on Valentine’s Day. The beauty and attractiveness of the garden attract hundreds of romantic couples and nature’s beauty appreciators from different parts of the world.

What are the types of flowers found in the Miracle Garden?

You will spot more than 150 million flowers of 120 different plant and flower species. However, the biggest attraction is every season, the structures are changed. Hence, you can expect to view something new in every season.

What are the popular attractions to check out in Dubai Miracle Garden?

The popular attractions to check out are Disney Avenue, Umbrella Passage, Floral Clock, Emirates Airbus A380, Big Teddy Bear, etc.

Can I click pictures inside the garden?

Yes, guests can click pictures inside the Miracle Garden Ticket Dubai. However, don’t carry professional cameras or drones inside the garden.

Are kids allowed inside the garden?

Yes, the Dubai Miracle Garden is ideal to visit for every age.

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